About Us

We offer various designs of jute,cotton.non-woven bags with a variety of models and sizes to suit your style.
Our production facilities are located in Kolkata with easy access to ports and airports. We are located in the hub of fabric producing region with ample supply of traditional craftsmen. This helps us to create intrinsic value for our customers.
The company manufactures diverse range of shopping bags in jute, juco, cotton, canvas and other eco fabrics. Our design mix presents unlimited choices to suit your unique packaging requirements. Constant research and development on designs ensures creation of innovative future trends.

• We employ only skilled artisans and craftsmen and have a STRONG POLICY AGAINST CHILD LABOUR
• Our jute/cotton/canvas bags are CUSTOME DESIGNED to suit your specific requirement in shapes, size and colours.
   We have in- house facility for artwork, screen printing, cutting and stitching.
• We strive to always offer you the lowest prices.
• We ensure TIMELY DELIVERY of best quality products.
• Our aim is customer satisfaction. Our sales teams are dedicated to take care of all your requirements from the
   moments of your first contact right up to the delivery of your goods.